Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Bible Translation?

No tool has more power to transform individuals and whole societies than the Bible when people read or hear it in their native language.

Many of the problems of the world – problems caused by individuals and problems caused by leaders of governments, organizations, and groups – are moral problems. Jesus' call for people to love God and their neighbor, to die to themselves, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit is the answer to these moral problems.

People without a written language need one. Literacy is a key to helping people to work their way out of poverty and to resist oppression by others. Children who first learn to read in their own language are more likely to become literate and to stay in school than those who first learn in a different language.

The Bible is a holy book for Christians of all stripes – Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant – and for Muslims. In our contentious world, a translated Bible provides common ground for discussion and a common guide to life for people from all backgrounds.